Six Dogs Pinotage Stained is deep in colour and bold in flavour. We’ve outlined some fun facts that you may not know about this truly South African gin. 

How does Six Dogs Pinotage Stained get its colour?

Whole berry pinotage grapes, which are carefully handpicked and added to waiting tanks of gin, naturally infuse the liquid with their colour and flavour profile. The dark, wine-like hue is entirely natural and there are no artificial colouring agents or other additives in this gin.

What are the distinguishing botanicals in Six Dogs Pinotage Stained?

Whole berry pinotage grapes make this gin truly South African while other noteworthy botanicals include juniper, cassia bark, angelica and coriander.

Where do you get your pinotage grapes?

The grapes of the 2020 vintage come from a neighbouring wine farmer and members of the Six Dogs team helped with the selection and harvesting process in late January.

Does the colour fade over time?

As the colour is entirely natural, it will fade over time, but its bold flavours will remain constant. Keep it in its box once opened, out of the way of prolonged direct sunlight.

What is the overall taste sensation of Six Dogs Pinotage Stained?

Pinotage Stained embodies the freshness of a classic dry gin but offers the infusion of a uniquely South African cultivar: pinotage grapes. Sip it and you’ll taste notes of black cherry, plum, blackcurrant and some tannin. While each year’s grapes bring unique (albeit subtle) variants in taste, the juniper-forward flavour is consistent with each batch.

Is Six Dogs Pinotage Stained a limited edition product?

Pinotage Stained was previously produced as a seasonal gin, but now sits firmly beside its predecessors, Six Dogs Karoo and Six Dogs Blue, as an all year round offering.

What’s the best way to enjoy it?

Sip it neat over ice or dilute with a splash of good tonic to create a fusion of terroir, cultivar and the finest gin Six Dogs can make. If you like to add garnish, we recommend frozen red grapes or a slice of fresh citrus.

What else is unique to Six Dogs Pinotage Stained?

The design on the product’s electric yellow box features a subtle outline of the African continent telling the world that this gin is proudly African.

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